Without grasping who we are on a spiritual level, the most pressing questions in life go unanswered. Why am I here? and Why is anything important.

6 Components Life Balance

January 2, 2012

Thanks for tolerating my absence over the past couple of weeks.  The Christmas holiday is time where I do two things. First, I try to spend as much time with my family as I can.  My daughter lives two states away and my brother is from the other side of the country, so I treasure the time I get to spend with them and the rest of my family. Second, it’s a time of reflection, where I look back to examine where I’ve achieved and where I fell short. Then I look forward to set goals and objectives for myself, both personally and professionally. I plan on sharing some of those with you in the near future. This is all part of the Life Navigation, which is a central theme to what I share and teach.

As we kick off 2012, I’d like to start off with another central theme which I continually use: Life Balance. This is one of the biggest problems men (and women) have in their pursuits to becoming a better person.  Balancing life is the most common issue I have observed which keeps people from achieving their potential. In fact, let me go so far as to say, that the unbalanced life is what sends more people into the ditch of life than anything else. [click to continue…]